CONFIRMED BACHELOR: Why some men stay single

This article is specifically to discuss the things men do wrong when it
comes to getting to the bottom line; marriage and family life. I earnestly want to see confirmed bachelor syndrome die. I see too
many men subscribing to the deception.
Permit me to give you my top 5 symptoms of confirmed bachelor syndrome.
#1 – Lost with no direction.
Too many men waste a tremendous amount of time because they are not sure what God wants. All men should pursue marriage until they get a call to serve God and His people as a celibate priest, religious or single man. Date the women God brings into your life, choose the most suitable one, and commit to marriage. The confirmed bachelor is an excuse maker, waiting for God to speak directly to him in words of direction. He knows these won’t come, but it sure helps him justify his indecision.
#2 – Why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free?
Here is a question you will not find on a dating website profile: “How many women have you had pre-marital sex with and what age did you start having sex?” You won’t see this question because no one would answer it truthfully. Many men, even Catholics, are having sex before marriage. Some have sex with women they would never marry, while trying to find a pure girl (some even requiring a virgin) to marry. Some have sex with the girl they are dating instead of building a quality relationship founded on friendship, faith, trust, and respect formed by his leadership and example. The confirmed bachelor is only unmarried, in my view, specifically because he is able to have sex without the marriage commitment.
If men couldn’t get sex, they would get married. (I guess I just implied something very wrong with women today, huh? Oops!)
#3 Taking your sweet time.
Men have time. Women do not. Men can get married at whatever age and still have children. Women have precious little fertility time, which typically ends sometime in their 40’s.
Having whatever time they need (or so they think), men keep their options open. Young men are too young to settle down. They want to enjoy dating, pursue their interests, have fun, etc. He is too young to marry in his 20’s and too busy to marry in his 30’s.
At 40 they start realize they should take finding a woman and getting married seriously. They want children, so they disregard the women of their own age group and are only open to women in their 20’s and 30’s.
Written By Oyebade Obalola Jerry



Me who love helping people succeed, because my success is know by how many life's am able to change.Am just me the business guru i don't think of profit but the life and service i want to provide, I think about solution to problem.

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